Free: Faith Stories

Revitalize your spiritual path with ‘Faith Stories’. Experience powerful accounts of transformation, from Romania to NASCAR tracks, that will encourage your faith, enhance prayer, and reveal God’s miraculous provision. This collection of true stories inspires you to embrace God’s power in your life’s journey. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Finding Your True Self

HAVE YOU FELT SOMETHING IS MISSING FROM YOUR LIFE? WORRIED ABOUT LIFE PASSING YOU BY? THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU A FRACTION OF WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: +Identify your true inner being & find a personal path to FULFILLMENT +A practical step by step guide for what enhances living well and the last 50 years of research on personal growth. +Fit your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs into your limited time. WITH THESE PRINCIPLES, YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS WILL SOAR AND YOUR LIFE SATISFACTION WILL... [Read More...]

Gracious Grief After Suicide Loss: Feel God’s Love After the Worst Day of Your Life

Do you often feel that no one truly comprehends the depth of your sorrow and isolation, despite their well-meaning efforts to help you through it? In the darkest depths of grief, when the world seems to offer no solace, there is a source of understanding and love that transcends human comprehension. InGracious Grief after Suicide Loss, Kevin Skellett takes you on a profoundly moving journey through the pain of traumatic loss, offering a guiding light of hope and healing in the face of unimagina... [Read More...]

12 Days of Promise: Family Christmas Devotional

Enter the sanctity of Christmas with this heartwarming family devotional that explores the timeless story of Christmas. As you follow the footsteps of Mary, Joseph, Zechariah, the Shepherds, and Wise Men, you’ll witness the power of God’s handiwork in sending His son, Jesus. Each devotion offers a faith-building memory verse, engaging teachings from Scripture, and cherished Christmas carols that align with the teaching. A heartfelt prayer concludes to connect with the Savior. Experi... [Read More...]

Finding Peace in Jesus: An Encouraging 30 Day Devotional

Does life seem like it is spinning out of control causing you stress and anxiety? Do you know who God created you to be? Finding Peace in Jesus: An Encouraging 30 Day Devotional will help you to put your eyes back on God where they belong and take them off of the problems you are facing because God is bigger than any problem or situation you may be facing. You will find many uplifting devotions about the peace of Jesus, overcoming adversity, forgiveness, the fruit of the Spirit and much more. B... [Read More...]

Treasures in Heaven: A Journey of Discovery, Healing and Life Through Miscarriage

“Treasures in Heaven” is a profoundly moving experience that will leave an indelible mark on your heart. In this soul-stirring account, the author bares her most vulnerable emotions, recounting her journey through the unfathomable pain of miscarriage, and the awe-inspiring triumph that emerged from the ashes. This book is not just for a specific age group; it is a universal testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Suzanne’s own transformative journey becomes a beacon o... [Read More...]

Damaged Goods – A Devotional for the Slightly Imperfect

This book isnt for the girls whove always done everything right. Its for the oopsIdiditagainers, the livemylifeonmyowntermers, the sometimeslearnfrommymistakers, the ones whove fallen down hard and lived to tell the tale, whove never quite fit the good-girl moldthe perfectly imperfect. Its an open and raw look at what happens when a Christian damages her testimony and the restorative power of Gods love. Through personal stories, Stacy invites you into some of her darkest days and candidly share... [Read More...]

A Little Faith Lift: Finding Joy Beyond Rejection

Do you ever feel like you just dont measure up? Theres always someone smarter, richer, prettier, skinnier, funnier, holier, or (you fill in the blank)? Too much of my lifeoh, lets say, give or take decadeswas spent figuring out that there is life beyond rejection. This book is written for those who doubt their worth, thanks to memories of betrayal by others who used them as their personal punching bag. For these hurting individuals, walking into a room full of strangers produces enough sweat to... [Read More...]

Imperfect Lives Perfect Grace

Imperfect Lives Perfect Grace follows the story of two women from different backgrounds in pursuit of manifesting God’s grace in the midst of tragedy and misfortunes. The story of Leah and Tamar explores the lives of these two women and what they teach us about incurring the scorn of others, the impact of sin on the innocent, surviving adversity, and experiencing God’s grace in hard places. They are very different and yet their lives both speak to the power of grace that comes when it is mo... [Read More...]

Hair on Fire: A Heartwarming & Humorous Christmas Memoir

Brimming with heartfelt anecdotes, nostalgic escapades, and timeless humor, Hair on Fire is a Christmas memoir like no other. It will warm your heart, make you laugh uproariously, and transport you back to the most magical time of the year. So grab a hot cocoa and snuggle under a cozy blanket while Horner-Miller beguiles with her tales! $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]