The Parrot’s Perch: A Memoir

The Parrot’s Perch opens in 2013, when Karen Keilt, age 60, receives an invitation to testify at the Brazilian National Truth Commission at the UN in New York. The email sparks memories of her “previous life” – the one she has kept safely bottled up for more than 37 years. Hopeful of helping to raise awareness about ongoing human rights violations in Brazil, she wants to testify, but she anguishes over reliving the horrific events of her youth. In the story that follows, Keilt tell... [Read More...]

Free: Reclaim Your Hero: Transform Your Pain into Power and thrive – Numquam Deficio (Never Quit)

As first responders and military we are the heroes for everyone else. We are first on the scene to emergencies at home and abroad. So what then do we do when we are drowning and searching for breath? What do we do when we can’t escape the shadow that follows us in the sun and the darkness? What do we do when our world is spinning out of control and our world is falling apart? I know this world. I lived under the rough seas and the shadow of PTS(D) for 10 years. As a Navy Rescue Swimmer wi... [Read More...]

Free: Cheat Play Live

When grief, an unhappy marriage, a stressful job and alcohol addiction come together in a perfect storm, Lisa doesn’t realise that love and happiness lie waiting for her on a Goan beach. Grieving for the loss of her parents and managing a stressful job in publishing, she begins to depend on alcohol to numb her pain and it steers her life in unexpected ways. After leaving her husband she dates married men, younger men and men her own age, but she can’t find the happiness and freedom ... [Read More...]

Wheels of Injustice: Saving My Child from the Child Savers

Six weeks into a blissful honeymoon, life turns into a nightmare when Susan’s 9-year-old daughter is taken away and her husband is falsely accused of child sexual abuse. Dragged under the churning wheels of the child protection system, Susan is given a choice: cooperate in prosecuting her innocent husband or lose her daughter. When the couple doesn’t give in to pressure, Susan loses custody of her daughter, and her husband is charged with a felony that carries a 16-year prison sentence. No ... [Read More...]

Raising Jess

Raising Jess is the powerful story of one family’s survival when faced with adversity. Written with compassion, honesty, and humor, it tells of a family changed forever by the birth of a child with special needs, and their courageous decision to choose hope. “I was twenty-four years old and about to deliver my first child. Oh, and I also had the chickenpox.” So begins the story of a first-time mom who learns her infant daughter has severe, multiple disabilities. Facing the challenges of c... [Read More...]

I Am Not the King

I Am Not the King is an intense spiritual memoir told in crisp, fresh language, a story full of dark moments that lead to a greater Light. Through family dysfunction, a verbally abusive father, and religious legalism, the author enters adulthood angry, bitter, and confused. He oscillates between his self-imposed literary hermitage and bisexual escapades until an atheist college professor challenges him to think more deeply about the meaning of life. After a life-changing “upper room”... [Read More...]

Bedtime Stories for the Living

A regular dad. A rare brain disease. A chance to live forever. “Bedtime Stories for the Living” is an episodic memoir in which Jay Armstrong shows his children how to accept their limitations and find joy. The collection of tender, witty stories about fatherhood, persevering despite illness, and pursuing your dreams, demonstrates how love gives us the strength to face heartache with bravery, humor, and grace. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

My Escape

Stress is experiencing mental or emotional strain or tension. People stress about so many different things in today’s world but, imagine when you A child who had deal with stress at the age of four and you had to deal with that stress till you turn eighteen because you didn’t have A way out and you was to scare to leave with no family who care to be by your side. Based on a true story, Latanya Lyons narrates her painful childhood and the challenges she faced in hands of people who were supp... [Read More...]

The Beautiful Addiction: Passing Through the Marathon Wall for the 70th Birthday (Younger Than Ever Book 4)

At the age of 68 Dr. Gilkis, , decided to make himself an unusual present for his 70th birthday – to run his first full marathon. Read this story about life, becoming ageless & a surprising ending, and see that you too can realize your dreams! $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Tackle Life Head On: A Playbook on Defeating Life’s Obstacles

“I’m one of the ninety-percent who, for a brief time, got to live like the one percent.” Ask a group of little kids what their dream job is and most will tell you they want to be a professional athlete. Their chances of actually becoming one, however, are less than one percent. Of those who do make it, the vast majority won’t last for more than three years. Jeff Ogden was one of those rare few, overcoming a series of obstacles to have a five-year career with the Dallas Cowboys, Miami Do... [Read More...]