Maddie Beside Me: an Unintentional Angel Story

Maddie Beside Me: an Unintentional Angel StoryDo you believe in guardian angels? What if you suddenly found you were one? Caught in a situation more confusing than high school trig, a young girl finds herself becoming a guardian angel to her parents before she’s born or she might not be.

After passing out in science class Maddie comes to in the back seat of a car where she discovers a much younger version of her mother and aunt in the front seat. Maddie discovers she has the ability to enter small segments of the lives of others and become a guardian angel of sorts one whom no one can see or hear. Whats a daughter to do when she doesn’t even know if she’s alive or dead? And how can someone who’s alive, but maybe dead, make her parents like each other so she can be born to come back and save them? Poor Maddie. If life wasn’t already complicated enough, it just reached a whole new level of convoluted complexity! $2.99 on Kindle.
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