Some Kinda Romance

Some Kinda Romance
I might be in the business of weddings, but I have no intention of walking down the aisle.
Ill just make my millions sending suckers to the altar.
Its an easy gig and Im far too good at it.
Until its a little too close to home.
My mother is getting married, and she wants me to work with a wedding planner.
Talk about a gut punch.
My father is in the ground, and she wants me to pick her flower arrangements and organize the seating chart.
The worst part?
My usual go-to for a wedding like this is no longer in the business.
He left his empire to his ex-wife.
And shes whats the right word?
The worst.
I cant work with an average Jane like her.
But I can sleep with her.
In that department, she gets a gold star.
Or five.
Nothing average about her.
Maybe theres more to it than our chemistry.
One things for certain.
Me and her?
We make some kinda romance. $0.99 on Kindle.
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