Taken by the Major

Taken by the Major
I didn’t need anyone to rescue me from my miserable life Not even an ex-military Major who walked into this small town looking like he owns it.

Theres something about Tate.

His confidence borders on arrogance and I couldn’t peel my eyes away from his muscular biceps when I first saw him.

He, too, stared at me with an invisible drool.

But Tate and I could never be together.

Hes rich, with a property he just inherited in town.

And me? Lets just say I manage to care for my little sister while being broke.

Theres nothing glamorous about my life, especially with my late dads best friend constantly harassing me.

Tate felt like the source of more problems when I first met him.

But hes slowly becoming the man who would protect me and my sister.

He just doesnt know that theres another tiny addition to this family.

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