Lessons from Lad: What My Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, Leadership, and Loss

Lessons from Lad: What My Dog Taught Me About Life, Love, Leadership, and Loss
Lad, a rough collie, was a dream come true. Christine had dreamed of owning a rough collie and naming him Lad since she was twelve. Over twenty-five years later she held her Lad for the first time, and she learned to treasure him more than any other animal she had ever owned. But when Lad was unexpectedly snatched away from her fourteen months later, she felt overwhelming grief. Christine says, Losing Lad wasnt just the death of a dog, it was the death of a dream. When she asked God why, two words came softly to her heart . . . Lad lessons.

Right away she began writing down truths life with Lad had taught her. In fifty-two lessons, Christine Ferris shares the lasting legacy Lad left in her heart. While she describes them as a gift of loss, the lessons learned from Lad are joyful, heartfelt, and have much wisdom to impart. From the fourteen memorable months Christine Ferris spent with Lad, she shares what she learned about keeping your paws clean, telling yourself no, treasuring today, leaning into discipline, and inevitable loss. This book invites you to let Lad leave a few lasting paw prints on your heart.

“Lessons from Lad offers a unique window, gleaned through Lads daily journey, into the everyday triumphs, trials, teachings, and tragedies of life. Each lesson is practical and helpful as we navigate the terrain of life, and we, too, endeavor to point others to Christ.” Dr. David B. Smith, Al Smith Ministries $14.99 on Kindle.
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