Dreams Takeoff: How One Father’s Love and Support Nurtured His Son’s Endeavor to Fly

Dreams Takeoff: How One Father's Love and Support Nurtured His Son's Endeavor to Fly

Are you grieving the loss of a loved one? Perhaps right now, you’re alone, feeling lost, not knowing your life’s purpose?

This book shares with you an everlasting bond between a father and son. A little boy’s dream becomes a reality due to his father’s unfailing love and support. A father’s love nurtures his son’s drive to succeed.

The son never wanted to leave his dad’s side, so he followed his dad everywhere: into the hospital, to the airport, the nursing homes, you name it. Jason Hallenborg discusses core values observed as his father saved lives and built lifelong connections with his patients. In his book, you will learn through real life examples, how these values are essential in setting and achieving goals. In addition, Dreams Takeoff answers why the love between a father and son is so powerful. $0.99 on Kindle.
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