The Venus Intercept: Tzintzuntzan: How aliens contacted the USSR in 1966

Advanced beings on or near Venus contacted the early Soviet Venera 3 probe before it went silent and crashed on the planet in 1966, according to Soviet documents from the 1960s and 70s just released by author V.S. Marlowe in THE VENUS INTERCEPT: TZINTZUNTZAN — a sequel to his visionary 2019 book THE SERPENT’S THRONE. The leaked documents point to ancient Mexico and the possibility that alien knowledge was shared with the Soviets and with ancient Mexican cultures. With this backdrop, protagonist energy trader Brice Foster is sent back to Mexico to try and corroborate the document leak, and to search for Russian agent and scientist Tatiana Borisova who appears to be the key to it all. Buy the Amazon Kindle version of THE VENUS INTERCEPT at Call VS Marlowe at +1 347 509 4221 or by email at [email protected]. $9.99 on Kindle.
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