Stephanie Courtland is deeply troubled: she suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder, which makes it impossible for her to understand the wrongfulness of the murderous acts committed by her alters.

Beth, on the surface, appears calm, reasonable, and wanting to be in control. Stephanie’s psychologist. Dr. James Galloway is suspicious of this behavior because of Beth’s constant internal dialogue with Tiffany – the dominant personality. Tiffany thrives on adrenaline and violent aggression – the only things that genuinely engage her Dr. Galloway’s end goal will attempt to integrate her alters so that Stephanie’s ego identity is less fractured and more cohesive.

“He’s done an outstanding job. Look how cohesive we are.” Tiffany said, laughing maniacally, throwing her head back.
“Stop it!” Beth ordered. “Let Stephanie focus on getting us out of here.”

Tiffany giggled. “I’m so excited. I can’t wait to sink my claws into Franklin’s bastard son, Marcus Graham.”
Stephanie smiled and continued brushing her hair.

Uncover this dark journey in the gripping, stand-alone sequel to TERMINAL IMPULSES.
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