The Mimosa Tales


Welcome to Mimosa.

For Marshal Kris Jensen, it’s a place for salvation and a new beginning.

After the murder of his wife and children, all Kris Jensen wanted was to die and join them. Saved by a sacrificed friendship, he travels from one Territory town to another with a tin star on his black duster, restless, intervening when needed, and then quickly moving on…until the town of Mimosa asks him to stay as their Marshal. And he says yes, though he doesn’t know why.

Maybe it’s the friends like wanted fugitive Flynn Brenner, old friend Jack Fenwick and professional grifter Adrian Sharpe who stood by his side during Mimosa’s darkest hour, helping him save Mimosa from ruin. Or may its the pretty widow with the eyes like a dove.

Kris finds a community trying to survive the harsh realities of life in the Old West, fending off greedy land barons, savage death cults, and outlaws who see them as easy prey. It is an unlikely place to find salvation, but that is precisely what Kris and his friends discover in Mimosa.

Their last chance for a home and a future.

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