Reconstructed – A Survivor’s Memoir

Reconstructed - A Survivor's Memoir

Have you ever seen your life flash before your eyes? Follow one man’s journey of positivity and resilience as he reconstructs his life after a near-fatal accident!

Atta Ahmad was determined to make his dreams come true. So unwavering, in fact, that he was willing to forgo sleep just to reach his goals.

Eventually, it caught up to him on September 5, 2015.

That fateful day, an exhilarating road trip from Boston to Michigan turned into a fight for his life when his exhaustion drove him to fall asleep at the wheel.

It all happened in an instant.

One minute, he was blasting music with the windows down, while drinking water and enjoying snacks. The next, he was flying through his truck’s windshield and catapulted into a ditch.

A promising and ambitious young man was reduced to a mangled, bloody heap of flesh and bone on the ground. Any other person would have given up and let go. But not Ahmad.

Ahmad is a survivor and “Reconstructed: A Survivor’s Memoir” is his story of determination, grit, and triumph… despite the odds stacked against him.

“Don’t let anyone put you in a box and tell you ‘this is how it should be.’ Go get your second wind and keep running toward that finish line.” — Atta Ahmad $2.99 on Kindle.
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