Fabyan Place: Surviving Nazi Captivity

Fabyan Place: Surviving Nazi Captivity

The Color of War: racism and survival in Nazi captivity

During WWII, Sonny and John, two mixed-race Allied soldiers have managed to keep their ethnicity hidden since they enlisted.

One is captured by the Germans in Belgium, the other in Italy. If this secret is discovered during their imprisonment, the Nazis will execute them instantly.

Having survived so far without being exposed, the two meet in a POW camp near the Russian Front. They’re about to be transferred to death camp Berga—a place so truly evil that its purpose is Vernichtung durch Arbeit: “Annihilation Through Labor.” Prisoners are worked to death…

Once there, they will be forced to confront the nemesis set to define the remainder of their lives.

Growing up having to deal with the pain of racism took its toll. But if the terror they are about to face doesn’t kill them, they’ll be left with scars so mentally and physically deep that even time might not be able to heal them. $0.99 on Kindle.
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