Escape to breathtaking Ireland in a story of passion, mystery, and suspense.

Connor O’Brian is a hard-working Irishman who wants nothing to do with women or romance—burnt once, twice shy.

Yet for years, he’s dreamt of one woman. He doesn’t know her name or the sound of her voice, but he knows the sound of her heart, and it’s broken. He doesn’t know who she is or if she really exists, but she is the only one he would chase to the ends of the earth.

Darcie Hartwell is drawn to Ireland, unwittingly compelled by the mystical power of fate and the ghost of an ancestor. She’s not looking for adventure, love, or even friends. She only wants a peaceful life for herself and a fresh start.

Falling into the waiting arms of Connor O’Brian changes everything, and Darcie soon realizes fate has other plans in store for her. But she has a secret, a past that haunts her. She doesn’t know who she is anymore, but she’s about to find out. $0.99 on Kindle.
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