Home Is Where the Heart Is

Home Is Where the Heart Is
A photojournalist damaged by war. A web of family secrets. Can she untangle the past to save her future?

CJ Beck’s career as an international photojournalist has been ripped from her by the sniper’s bullet that killed her husband. Forced to return stateside to deal with the resulting PTSD, CJ discovers home is anything but peaceful. Therapy forces her to relive the worst year of her life. Her family’s ancestral ranch is threatened by outside financial forces. Worst of all, the guy that broke her heart in high school is back in town, reminding her of how life could have … should have … been.

In order to return to the career she loves, she’ll need to face the truth about her past. Can she find the courage to reclaim the life she worked so hard to build?

Home Is Where the Heart Is begins the family saga set in the extraordinary country of Montana’s Rocky Mountain Front. If you like strong women, small-town western settings, and books that keep you reading from page one, you’ll love this book $0.99 on Kindle
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