A Private Conversation with Money

A Private Conversation with Money

Many people repeat the same struggles with money because of subconscious beliefs, cultural norms, and internal ethical conflicts. This book invites the reader to a healthy relationship with money and wealth.

Joe, a journalist, has a series of provoking conversations with the personality of “Money” that challenge his self-destructive actions. Money invites him to clarify how he looks at the world by reframing his knowledge, behaviors, beliefs, and even how he sees himself. Joe challenges each precept to bring clarity to the reader. The result is an experience that serves not only Joe but those in his world.

“A Private Conversations with Money” also features engaging real-world exercises that invite you, the reader, to follow along with Joe as he unlocks a new rapport with his money.

You will:
– Discover what is blocking your happiness,
– Create new goals that support your values.
– Deliver value that expands your own financial success and freedom.

By knocking down these walls, you’ll go through your own journey of inner healing, paving the way for financial success and true wealth.
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