I Am Not the King

I Am Not the King
I Am Not the King is an intense spiritual memoir told in crisp, fresh language, a story full of dark moments that lead to a greater Light.

Through family dysfunction, a verbally abusive father, and religious legalism, the author enters adulthood angry, bitter, and confused. He oscillates between his self-imposed literary hermitage and bisexual escapades until an atheist college professor challenges him to think more deeply about the meaning of life. After a life-changing “upper room” experience, he spends the next twenty-eight years wrestling with God. I Am Not the King takes the reader on a wild journey involving broken relationships, workplace challenges, disappointments with other Christians, struggles with sin and temptation, and fear and doubt.

Allen Taylor shares with transparency and uncanny openness how he discovers he is not the king of his life. His story shows how anger and resentment turn to joy and peace in the arms of the real King. $2.99 on Kindle.

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