Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! Workbook

Decluttering Your Home In A Year Or Less! Workbook
In Decluttering Your Home in a year or less! Workbook, you will discover:

– The 1 hidden reason why your home is messy in the first place!

– The only 3 powerful techniques you need to know for decluttering and tidying up.

– More than 40 fun exercises that are specially crafted for you to guide you through your decluttering journey!

– More than 20 mental guidance and reflection spaces carefully placed through the workbook to help you discover yourself more by journaling and reaching your goals easily!

– Secrets to get your home and life de-cluttered without giving away all your time in return!

– Why using the standard systematic decluttering and organizing methods is hurting your progress and what to do instead.

– Why your existing tidying up and decluttering techniques are an extra burden with no clear results (and what to do about it).

– How to easily create your personal tailored decluttering plan that matches your goals.

– How to prioritize your decluttering sequence of items in the best proven order.

– Surprising advice from Dale Carnegie on how to make your plan works!

…. and so much more! $0.99 on Kindle.
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