5 Ways to Enjoy Reading Again

Even if you love reading, sometimes it can be difficult to get into a new book or series. You may genuinely want to read more, but you keep procrastinating by watching Netflix or scrolling through social media.

If you want to break out of these habits and rekindle the joy of reading, here are some ways to liven up your reading experience!

1. Reread one of your favorite books

Overwhelmed by the stack of books in your TBR (to be read) list? Try to get back into your habit of reading by revisiting a book that you loved years ago. Nothing rekindles excitement quite like nostalgia, and you can thoroughly appreciate each chapter since you already know how the story ends.

2. Change your environment

When you read, do you often reach for your Kindle and then get distracted by other things? Try these sites to find free paperback and hardcover books instead. If you strictly read ebooks or Kindle books, try loading up your Kindle with free eBooks. Changing up your standard approach to reading might help increase your focus, along with creating a cozy nook in your home that’s solely dedicated to reading. No phones allowed!

3. Let go of guilt

As adults, it can be really difficult to sit down and actually enjoy reading books, especially fantasy or romance novels. Society has ingrained this concept of constant self-improvement into our psyches, convincing us that only educational nonfiction books are “worthwhile,” but this simply isn’t true. Spending time on things you enjoy is not “wasting time,” but rather investing in your own emotional and mental wellbeing.

4. Join a book club

If you need some extrinsic motivation to start reading again, join a book club for one of your favorite genres. A little friendly peer pressure can give you that extra boost you need to actually pick up a new book and enjoy reading again. Plus, if you know you’ll have to discuss a chapter soon, you’ll be more likely to pay attention to the details and really absorb the text.

5. Dive deeper

Have you ever felt a sense of emptiness after finishing a really excellent book? Instead of letting the story end on the final page, dig into the novel more. Search the author on social media and see if they have shared any inspiration or insights when writing the book. Look up forums or discussions online to see what other readers have to say. By continuing the experience of reading into other areas of your life, you’ll soon be able to rediscover your passion for the hobby.


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