The Blackmail Enigma

The Blackmail Enigma

A note, with a call for help, interrupts Lord Tensbury this morning.

The note can also be blackmail.

Who is behind the blackmail? Will it succeed? Can it be stopped?

If the information hinted in the note becomes public, it will prevent Tensbury’s son Andrew from becoming the youngest prime minister of Britain in over 200 years.

It is nine days before the general election. Andrew is the leader of the Conservative Party. While campaigning, he extols the achievements and humble beginnings of the 1st Baron Tensbury, to whom Queen Victoria granted peerage.

The blackmail note refers to a horrible event in 1850s Africa. It implicates the 1st Baron Tensbury. That is why Tensbury must stop the blackmailer, whoever it is.

Across the Atlantic, a young American woman from Silicon Valley, Hanna Arnol, is getting ready to retrace her ancestor Signe’s steps. Alone on a trading ship, as a girl of eighteen, Signe traveled from Norway to South Africa in 1859. Signe wrote a diary each year. Hanna has them all, except for a couple of torn-out pages from 1859.

As Tensbury tries to preempt, what he assumes, is the Labor Party’s effort to discredit his son, his agent’s path crosses that of Hanna Arnol, looking to solve the mystery of the lost pages.

Crime, pride, remorse, and intrigue are all part of this story. What was the horrible event in Africa? Do the missing pages contain the answer? And will Tensbury deflect Labor’s plotting efforts?

If you enjoy mystery-thriller-suspense, this book is for you. $0.99 on Kindle.

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