Free: Honesty


What if you discovered you’re not human and the world you’ve always known is not your own?

On the verge of turning eighteen, Raven can’t wait to escape the island she’s called home all her life. With her friends Leo and Sadie right behind her, she’s excited about her future and all the world has to offer. That is, until she finds out she’s not only royalty, but she’s also from another world called Novalis, a planet filled with powerful Novas who fully evolve on their eighteenth birthday.

Upon returning to Novalis, Raven learns her planet is at war with another, called Elvon, whose inhabitants refuse to back down. Soon, dark and deadly secrets from the past emerge.

As princess of Novalis, will Raven have what it takes to navigate her way through family issues, magic, and first-time love? Or will it swallow her whole with a war at her doorstep? Follow Raven’s journey as she tries to prove herself worthy of becoming a queen and a powerful Nova! Free on Kindle.

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