Life Inside A Political Cult

Born into a communist family which he describes as a cult, Mark Edmonds grew from newspaper delivery boy and model aero plane-tragic to become a student at the International Communist School in Moscow.

It was true. They were a communist family. Mark’s father Lloyd had fought against the army of the Spanish fascist General Franco who had launched a civil war in Spain against the popularly elected Republican government. He had gone to England to study at the London School of Economics where he learned about the creation of the International Brigade which comprised volunteers from around the world. They were preparing to go to fight against the Spanish fascists. Lloyd was a pacifist and knew nothing about fighting or the military, but he was anti-fascist. He joined the International Brigade. But Mark chose to not live as a red rebel on the fringes of our society. He decided to get out into the real world and mix it with the best and the worst. But he retained some of his inherited rebelliousness. He worked as a taxi driver in Melbourne and a Rookie Journalist on a Communist party newspaper. He was a photographer, bookshop owner and community radio program presenter. He ultimately achieved his dream career as a mechanical design engineer He became a high-flying engineering project manager and family man. He was once called a hitman. This is the story of the peaks and troughs Mark Edmonds experienced during his lifetime journey. He speaks of the people he met and loved and the people he crossed swords with along the way. Mark quotes the saying “You can never run away from your past, but it doesn’t hurt to get a good start.” $9.99 on Kindle.

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