Red Card: A Bet You Can Win!

Red Card: A Bet You Can Win!
“Red Card By Tony Kelly Award a 5-Star Book Review given by Readers Favorite ~ A unique and fantastic sports biography by Mr. Kelly!”

Former UK professional soccer star Tony Kelly lost it all, but he stands today as someone who is unbreakable!

Having lost most of his wealth, house, and eventually his partner, Tony refused to be broken and fought back. Through years of pain and suffering in silence, somehow, Tony managed to turn his life around in a positive way as his journey from disaster to redemption and triumph is nothing short of amazing.

Tony has literally been to hell and back, but through hope, and his family and friends’ support, professional help, his renewed faith, and sheer courage, he is now in a position to help others, which is something he could never have envisioned six years ago. A tragic yet uplifting and inspiring tale of one man’s journey through gambling addiction. It’s a must-read for those who feel lost and without hope, as Tony’s story is testimony that all is not lost and that this is a bet you can win! $4.50 on Kindle.

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