Whisper County

Whisper County

Nice guy and farmer Gus meets the girl of his dreams. One date with the beautiful and mysterious Annabelle and his life becomes an instant nightmare when she disappears and he finds himself in jail facing murder charges. His blood-spattered farm is all the evidence law enforcement needs to cuff him and haul him into the small town jail.

Half of his believes he must be put away for life, and half of the town believe someone as good as Gus couldn’t hurt a flea. The determined lawyer and his spontaneous partner are frustrated with their limited circumstantial evidence and worry that it isn’t enough for an acquittal. There’s more to this story than meets the eye. Someone must have seen something.

In the small Soul’s River jail, Gus struggles with both finger-pointing inmates and his faith in God. He believes God has abandoned him. His crisis of faith accompanies him into the courtroom where his family and the church desperately pray as they watch the passionate deliberations.
A few twists along the way and in court leave the townspeople and the reader on edge. Will Gus spend the rest of his life in jail? $6.99 on Kindle.

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