Faced with an adversary hellbent on her destruction, can Special Agent Dabria survive the onslaught, or will a well-orchestrated plot spell her demise?

Charlotte, North Carolina. From age eleven, Special Agent Dabria has been tormented by the murder of her parents. Though her FBI credentials can open the darkest doors, the determined agent constantly battles an enemy intent on her death.

When children begin disappearing from a gated community, Dabria is thrust into the spotlight and her journey for justice is just beginning. But even as the horrific crimes mount up, she must bring down a murderous lunatic with a stopwatch… and stare down a brutal domestic terrorist attack.

Can the determined woman survive an avalanche of violence, or will she fall victim to humanity’s grimmest deeds?

If you like fast-paced books with kick-ass female protagonists and diabolical antagonists, you’ll love Demetrius Jackson’s action-packed thrillers. $0.99 to 3.99 on Kindle.


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