Free: Duplicitous Woes (Thrilling Romance Novel)

Free: Duplicitous Woes (Thrilling Romance Novel)
A woman in her early forties finally succumbed to her carnal desires which led her to commit adultery with a man much younger than herself. She did her best to keep her affair a secret from her strict husband who was a renowned Bishop in the community. Yes, she became an unfaithful wife, but it wasn’t without proper reason.

Something happened during her childhood that caused her to lose track of her newborn offspring. For more than two decades she had been suffering great emotional strife that only a committed mother could endure. Finally, after so long, the opportunity presented itself for her to reunite with her long lost children. However, their reunion wouldn’t be so easily accomplished. Many obstacles were already set in motion to make their reunion an arduous task. The main obstruction to her goal was none other than the husband she deceived and cheated on.

(This cunning romance novel is replete with many twisted plots that are sure to keep your minds entertain. Please read to the very end to see how it all unfolds.) Free on Kindle.

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