His Safe Haven

His Safe Haven
A Because I Love Him prequel. The love story before the messy breakup.

Talia McKenna just wants a signature on her proposal, and she’s tired of jumping through hoops to get it. But what choice does she have? In comes Rafael DeLuca II, her bosses’ boss and her way out of dodge. His signature is all she needs to end this cat and mouse game, but things get complicated when her bosses have her spy on him in exchange for the green light she’d been chasing. But Talia isn’t stupid and Rafael DeLuca isn’t that simple of a man.

Rafael DeLuca II wants a break from his life after an almost public panic attack, hence the surprise visit to his company’s office in Boston. An ocean away from Italy where his problems reside. He meets Talia McKenna, his secretary and most honest spy he’s ever met. She proves to be a distraction that he doesn’t want, but finds he needs. Too bad she isn’t game for some bed sport. But Rafe isn’t known to be a quitter. $3.99 on Kindle.

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