Bricks & Cam Jobs 1-3

Bricks & Cam Jobs 1-3
This collection contains the first three Bricks & Cam Jobs by Frank Zafiro and Eric Beetner! Includes:

The Backlist

When the mob finds itself on hard times and has to lay people off, the boss decides to give two different hitters separate lists of “overdue accounts” — a backlist — to see who distinguishes themselves enough to remain on the payroll.

The Short List

When Bricks and Cam strike out on their own in the aftermath of their bloody showdown with the Giordano family, not everything goes as planned.

The Getaway List

Bricks and Cam are back, this time fleeing from the East Coast after closing accounts with the mob. Planning a new life on the West Coast, the pair of hitmen stop off in Ashton, a small, rural town in eastern Washington, only to immediately find themselves embroiled in trouble in typical fashion. $0.99 on Kindle.

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