Years of Silence

Years of Silence


Oppressive. Ominous. It can be deafening.

Billionaire Tycoon Zander Wright is no stranger to loneliness. It wraps around him like a warm blanket. He’s live in it for years—centuries even. He cannot recall anything else.

Until it’s obliterated by sound.

Ex-convict Vadim Oblonsky is back. Knowing Vadim is like dancing the space between heaven and hell. The ocean is an inch between ecstasy and misery. Like all things long since forgotten, young love always remains the most crippling of pain.

Along with Vadim comes death and decay, in the perfect form of Petyr Yahontov. A dangerous man, with a sweet dimpled grin that has connections to the Russian mafia.

With these friends, who needs enemies?

Yet, Zander can no longer keep his secrets at bay. Someone is trying to kill him. Someone wants him dead. Zander didn’t start this. He didn’t want any part of it.

But he will be damned if he doesn’t finish it. $0.99 on Kindle.

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