One Princess One Pack One Villain

One Princess One Pack One Villain
Being a werewolf sucked sometimes. Cara was coming of age. At least for a werewolf. She would soon take a mate. One she didn’t want! She had been able to fight off the single males in her pack so far.

Then her father started telling her if she didn’t decide on one of them, he would pick her mate for her. She wanted to fall in love not just go with any old wolf. That wasn’t the way it was done in a werewolf pack.

The problem with having one chosen for her was werewolves’ mate for life!

Then she bumped into a wolf not from her pack. One she felt as if she was being pulled toward. It was a strange feeling to her. Max was handsome.

After a fight with her father, she ran away. Then she was taken. Fights. More fights. Then he came into the picture. The Beta from another wolf pack. He had challenged her pack mates to fight for her.

She felt the need to kill one wolf and avoid the others. Who would win? $2.99 on Kindle.

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