Shadow Beasts

If Paige isn’t careful, her new job could land her in an early grave. Paige Turner’s zero-balance bank account demands she take on a new job, but she never expected it would be as Shadow Harbor’s newest librarian. Now the unlucky orphan is learning it’s not books she’ll be shelving…but magic. Dark, dangerous, deadly magic. Her new position requires she keep the supernatural subworld at bay while retrieving and archiving magical artifacts from around the globe. If she fails, the worl... [Read More...]

Time of the Dragon Boxed Set 1: Books 1-3

What do you do when you know the world is ending? Kelsey is living her life oblivious to the magic around her, no different from any other human in the world. A chance encounter changes her whole world. Kelsey sees something more in Grey, but can she adapt to this new world? Does she have what it takes to survive a danger she shouldn’t know exists? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Between Jobs

When you get up in the morning, the last thing you expect to see is a murdered guy hanging outside your window. Things like that tend to draw the attention of the local police, and when you’re squatting in your parents’ old house until you can afford to buy it, another thing you can’t afford is the attention of the cops. Oh yeah. Hi. My name is Pet. It’s not my real name, but it’s the only one you’re getting. Things like names are important these days. And it’s not so much that I�... [Read More...]

Para-Military Recruiter Boxed Set 1: Books 1-4

Julie Meadows is down on her luck when she receives an e-mail drafting her into the Official Para-Military Agency. With the help of Taylor and a mystical artifact, Julie races against the clock to avoid a killer mind-wipe. Should she succeed, her job will be secure. If she fails, avoiding her mom’s insistence on the benefits of aloe vera juice won’t be a problem. Get the first 4 books in this best-selling series today! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Blood Witch Saga Omnibus Collection

I’m Hailey Bradbury: Hedge Witch and Vampire. My sire was staked moments after I was turned. As a youngling, the Voodoo Queen adopted me. She taught me her art. I’ve been working with the new Mistress of the Vampire Council. She trained me in the ways of vampirism, the path of the night. Witchcraft + Voodoo + Vampirism = what I call bloodwitchery. Most witches won’t mess with the power latent in blood. It’s dark. It’s dangerous. But if you can master it… You ... [Read More...]

Grave Cargo

A dead mage, a missing friend, and an unpredictable alliance merge into a volatile package sending Rory careening through the Arcane elite’s deadly secrets. A deadly discovery lands Rory Costas, Arcane Transporter, in the middle of the toughest case she’s faced, where no one can be trusted, and nothing is as it seems. She must solve a murder and find her missing roommate before it’s too late, all while fighting a growing attraction to the dark and dangerous Zev. An intense mystery... [Read More...]

The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone Omnibus Two (Books 7-12)

The Drow are back. Unfortunately, the Drow are looking to get hold of Alison. An order to locate the princess means they need to find and deal with Brownstone. They will have to go through him first. And that won’t be easy. Continue James Brownstone, Alison Brownstone and Shay Carson’s story in the second 6-book boxed set in the best-selling The Unbelievable Mr. Brownstone series! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Voodoo Queen & the Vampire Witch

Two Complete Urban and Paranormal Series are included in this combination boxed set! The Voodoo Legacy Being possessed has its advantages… Sure, my soul-bound familiar could be a pain in the ass… But she came with some pretty impressive abilities. A nasty Voodoo demigod, a Loa of Destruction, wants to steal her power. Ogoun, the Loa of War, has invited me to join the Voodoo Academy. If I master the arts, he tells me, I might have a chance to thwart the demigod’s scheme. But ca... [Read More...]