Arcane Gateway

Swanie von Thaden, an elemental witch, meets a fairy in the forest who leads her to a mysterious relic rumored to harbor the power over time itself. Her hopes for a normal life spiral into the ground as she finds herself questioning everything she holds dear. Is there more to her people’s history than meets the eye? What sinister forces lurk in the shadows of Teutonic magic? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Summer Solstice Shenanigans: An Urban Fantasy Anthology

A full-moon solstice. Let the magic flow. Feel the power. Fae come out to play, vampires rove from dusk til dawn, and werewolves howl. Do they howl… If you dare, follow the fae down a magical path but beware of getting forever lost. There’s trouble around every corner amidst the glow of the supernatural. This summer solstice anthology includes twenty-five new, never before published, urban fantasy short stories from international bestselling authors and new talent. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Semiautomatic Sorceress Boxed Set One

Five years ago, everyone knew sorcery and magic were nothing but myths. One spectacular incident proved them wrong. Now men and women of power flaunt their supernatural abilities openly, using them for both good and evil. Get the first three books in the Semiautomatic Sorceress series for a great price to find out what’s myth or real. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Fairhaven Chronicles

Victoria Brie is getting her life together. She may be just a cashier, but she has big dreams and hopes for what comes next. In the meantime, she has everything that matters: her family and her best friend. If only life were that simple. When she comes home to find her parents murdered by an elf, she’s thrust into a world of magic, mystery, and a madman who wants her dead. The question is… why? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Jaguar in the Mirror

No one said becoming a shadow-hunter would be easy. The shadows allure and torment me, and I am the only one that sees them. For the longest time I thought I was crazy and it drove me to dark places. I just didn’t care. As I was trying to get my spiraling life together, the line between who I am and the shadows that surround me, got completely blurred. On my path to becoming a military asset, the shadows start to take physical form. That’s when I realize I have got to get a grip and tak... [Read More...]

Free: The D.E.W Files Volume 1

The D.E.W Files Volume 1 is the first collection of stories from the D.E.W Files and is composed of The Imp, Sparkman: The New Dawn, Molotov: City of Fire, The Imp 2: Rise of the Banshee, Droplet: Force of Nature and Alpha Squad. Acting as an introduction to the shared universe of the D.E.W Files, Volume 1 centres on six different characters and the stories of how they started out as fledgling heroes, exploring exactly what it is that motivates each and what makes them special. There’s someth... [Read More...]

Free: Beasts of Burdin

Call an exorcist when the demons are all in your head. Call Ty Burdin when they show up at your front door. Demon hunting is a multi-continent operation and the average corporate demon hunter has shelf life shorter than his boss’s second marriage. That life wasn’t for Ty. He delivered his two-week notice signed in blood, determined to keep ahold of whatever bit of soul the succubi, infernal and corporate varieties, hadn’t claimed. One favor later, Ty’s post-hunter life o... [Read More...]

Indie Saint

Jane’s young. She’s broke. Oh, and she’d better figure out her new supernatural powers fast – someone’s magicing up cryptids in a sleepy PA town, and they are haaangry. To live, fall in love, and see the year 2000, Jane’ll have to work with a morally dubious shadow cult-poration to stop a middle-aged madwoman from ripping a hole in the multiverse. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]