Free: Smoke and Shadows

Smoke and Shadows: A Dark Urban Fantasy Adventure In the heart of New Orleans, Cameron Blaze a fearless thief with a talent for finding trouble navigates a world where the supernatural lurks around every corner. From battling werewolves and dark rituals to outsmarting gods and vampires, Cameron’s life is a whirlwind of danger and excitement. Join Cameron Blaze in a gripping urban fantasy series where danger is around every corner, magic is real, and the adventure never ends. Free to $5.9... [Read More...]

Traveler, Viator Awakens

Lucifers General has set his sights on her. How will she survive? As an introvert and talented athlete, Sophie just wants to get through high school without drawing attention to herself. But her plans for a normal life are shattered when an Angel reveals she’s not human, but a Viator with incredible powers. Her powers have matured, but she must learn to use them quickly because Lucifer’s General, Damian, and his army of evil Malum are after her. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Tenth House

What would you do if you watched a Zodiac have your friend murdered and he was coming for you next? Ciara wants peace from the strange things that are going on, but that’s not going to happen. Taurus has arrived on Earth, and hes come to end the Guardian line. That includes Ciara, even if she doesn’t know it. A race for the magical birthstones and the survival of the human race begins as an ancient enemy slips from the shadows to join the fight. Ciara has four days to find Tauruss t... [Read More...]

Kip and Shadow

There is a portal to the underworld that threatens to destroy all of London. It was opened by Kip, last steward of Alchemy House, as he cracked the world open trying to find an antidote for death. Now it’s up to him and his spirit friend Shadow to close the portal before the entire world is consumed by his mistake. Can Kip confront this new evil in time or will he be trapped forever in a dead world, a Pale World? $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: The Fleshmarket Vampire

There is only one rule for a vampire never target your own kind. The winding streets and alleys of modern-day Edinburgh hide a deadly secret. Disappearances are increasing at an alarming rate and the authorities are helpless. Only Mercy, a jaded 600-year-old vampire and her young human protege Danny can bring peace to Edinburgh. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Pixie Rebels Complete Series Boxed Set

What happens when a gang of rogue pixies takes the troublemaking just a little too far? They get noticed by the U.S. Army and playtime is over. Now that they’ve been caught, they can either sign their lives away to enter an experimental new program for magical Army soldiers or accept a one-way ticket back to Oriceran. Can Z and her cousins rein in the chaos as new magical Army recruits? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Saving the Lost

In traveling to new times and dimensions, the void has taken victims. Nicole will stop at nothing to reclaim her lost friend. Her, Tracy, Derek, and the rest will venture through the void and discover the past and future are more connected than anyone realized. What will they need to sacrifice to bring everyone home? Saving the Lost is the third novel in the Into the Void series. Saving the Lost asks what if the wrong people were given special abilities and tried to make amends for their mishap... [Read More...]

Secrets of Camelot

forbidden love punishable by death treason magic In a treacherous backstabbing court, a secret lover is the quickest way to the gallows Guinevere was set against an arranged marriage. At fifteen, she was ready to fight her oppressive father and smart enough to question king Arthurs glorious reputation. But against her desires, the young court lady found herself falling head over heels for Arthurs charms. Discovering her mistake too late, Guinevere struggles daily with her husbands true nature, ... [Read More...]