The Agent Operative

Norah Wintry is a Witch with a dream job. A Hollywood agent getting magical actors’ parts in blockbuster films. It’s a niche field with unique problems. Somebody gets shrunk down to toadstool size and suddenly everyone’s upset. Welcome to L.A. No worries. Norah will fix it. She has a great family, a crackerjack assistant, and her business is taking off. Until things start going wrong. Actors are being injured, magic is causing accidents, and someone is hunting down former Silver Griffin A... [Read More...]

Protected By The Damned Complete Series Boxed Set

Katie Maddison never wanted to learn how to kick a demon’s ass, all she was doing was helping a fellow university student with his Chem homework. She just trusted people too much. Now, she will be the new weapon in a war she had no idea existed with warriors wielding both weapons and supernatural abilities. Join Katie in this boxed set which contains new short stories at the end of each book. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Chronicles of Winland Underwood Starter Pack

Winland Underwood has been running and hiding most of her life. Today is the day she will stop and stand her ground. Can she protect the magical refugees while searching for her mother? What other challenges await the Fixer’s daughter? Grab the first two books of the Chronicles of Winland Underwood series today to find out! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Savage Bite

A hunter with a dark past. A mysterious shifter out for vengeance. And a stolen power every monster desires… I finally get my shot at redemption as part of a supernatural task force only to botch my first assignment in the Underworld. A demon artifact sinks its claws into me, and I become bound to a vicious shifter who wants to rip me to pieces. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Gallows Hill Academy Complete Series Boxed Set

Free bird? Don’t make me laugh. I’m Mavis Merlini and I want out. Of my shady family, this rowdy school, maybe even the world. My brother got kicked out of Gallows Hill School for inciting mermaid violence. I’m determined to cut out all distractions and be the first of my six siblings to actually graduate. Will Mavis succeed in her goals? Grab this 9-book complete series boxed set to find out! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Sons of the Gods: Neither Gods Nor Men

It’s 2026, an alternate future where Trump-Hillary and the virus never happened, but things were still looking grim. Europe is rebuilding in the wake of the ISIS Wars that ravaged the continent, and now international tensions toward the US are at an all-time high. During which time, three American teenage boys discover they have superhuman abilities–pyromancy, psionics, and materamancy–and they have no idea how or why they have these godlike powers. One of them is good man des... [Read More...]

Academy of Necessary Magic Starter Pack

Do you want to be a Bounty Hunter? Class is now in session at the Academy of Necessary Magic. Founded by Johnny Walker, Leira Berens and James Brownstone, students will learn how to go after magical creatures that need to be subdued while being the best bounty hunters in the country… if they survive the course work. Dive into the first two books in the Academy of Necessary Magic series today! $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Demon Codex Complete Series Boxed Set

Someone has been gathering up the scattered pieces of an ancient tome of magic. If the Codex is assembled, it will unleash the power to summon daemons. Can Professor Derrick Watson track down the pieces of the Codex before more people fall victim to its power? Should he even try? Grab this 3-book boxed set and join Watson as he contends with a danger best left in the shadows of the past. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Night Witch Reborn: Natalya (Flight of the Night Witches Book 1)

A Night Witch battles for a second chance at life. A Resistance Soldier fights for humanity. Are they strong enough to change the course of war? Natalya Volkov’s dream is to fly, but when she’s killed in a plane crash defending Mother Russia, the Norse goddess Freyja gives her a second chance at life—for a price. For immortality, she must hunt down the most powerful man in Europe or give up the man she loves. Romani-Jew, Mikhail Abramovich has known hardship. He escaped a Nazi camp, becam... [Read More...]