Blood of the Lily

Triplet sisters, one dead, one kidnapped. A vengeful leprechaun and a scheming goddess. Can Lily save her last sister? Whether she believes it or not, leprechauns are real, and in Lugh she has made an unfortunate enemy. Contending with her past grief, Lily races to save Rose from the deranged whims of an unscrupulous faery and find out what, or who, is behind this mysterious turn of events. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


She has many names – Octavia, Double 8, Phoenix, Josephine. She’s a math prodigy, a calculating genius and everyone wants her. In seventeen-year-old Jo River’s complicated world of numbers, there’s no such thing as coincidence. When she is betrayed by someone she loves, kidnapped by the world’s most wanted smuggler, and forced to use her talent to shore up a criminal empire, Jo deems her gift a curse—until she meets Red. Fellow captive and unlikely sage, Red teaches Jo to harness her... [Read More...]

River Rocks

Your Adventure Begins Here! Set in rural Appalachia, “River Rocks” is a riveting coming of age tale of two boys, and a one-hundred-year-old local legend of Confederate gold buried somewhere in the hills that surround their home. The buried gold resulted from a 1903 train robbery, which liberated the U.S. government of their prized ‘Southern Jewel’, 162 pounds of Confederate gold discovered in the siege of Vicksburg. The old legend takes on a fresh life as Josh Baker and Eddie Debord dis... [Read More...]

Free: Stranger

An unusual power. A dead body. Nowhere to turn. By the time she gets to the Academy for Peculiars, Sophie Harper has already killed a man. The superhuman strength she was born with and abandoned means she’s a peculiar, but her unique gift still alienates her from her peculiar peers because of its rarity. As she settles into her new home, she struggles to catch up with schoolwork and starts falling for her infuriating trainer, a rugged shifter named Will, despite the fact that a relationsh... [Read More...]


Looking for a treat this Halloween? Grab your copy of Faete and get lost in the pulse-pounding world of 17-year-old Renny McGuire, where nothing is as it appears and twists and turns abound. An intoxicating brew of sigh-worthy romance, Celtic mythology and magic, this paranormal fantasy is sure to keep you turning pages through the night. $2.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Assassination Day

A DPS technician offers to defect if the Wilizy will rescue his daughter from The Citadel – some super smart military people who are friends with Zzyk. Izzy thinks that their new recruit is an assassin, but Yollie insists that he’s a decent man. Can assassins be decent men? It will take a hair-raising experience to find out. (This is the 3rd of 36 Wilizy books. All the books are free.) Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]


Homework, detention, and saving the world. For the brother of a Super, high school is anything but ordinary. James Bolt is used to being saved. But when the Supers — and his brother — disappear without a trace, the powerless teenager must jump into action and be the hero he’s always wanted to be. As he searches for the secret of the Supers’ disappearance, James finds himself on a globetrotting adventure, chasing mysterious clues and ancient myths. $0.99 on Kindle ... [Read More...]

Free: Orca Rising: Spy School or Lie School (Orca #1)

Spy School or Lie School? Ocean Daley just doesn’t fit in –for one, he’s called Ocean– but his enigmatic uncle sees huge promise in him and takes Ocean to a summer school for talented teens. Orca, the secretive organization behind the school, needs fresh recruits…but for what? With classes in hacking, bike racing and defense, it could be Ocean’s chance of a lifetime….or something far darker. Orca Rising is the explosive first book in the Orca series by Chris Hannon... [Read More...]