Grave Intervention

Who can resist a good ghost story– especialy inspired by true events set in Naperville, Illinois. Dr. Shira Shiloah takes readers through suspenseful twists and turns in her latest novel. GRAVE INTERVENTION, a paranormal medical suspense, blurs the lines between real and imaginary to expose the hidden side of a historical suburban town. $1.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Codex Chronicles

After an adventurous night out Jace learns that there is nothing normal about his life and is left desperately fighting to keep his world together and protect the ones he loves. Realizing the enemy is closing in, he abandons his old life, searching for answers. With his newfound abilities and the help of his friends, Jace is reborn as the unlikely hero while he journeys to discover who he truly is and how he fits in. Try this YA fantasy series on Kindle. Learn More ... [Read More...]

Free: The Legend of the Lost Child: Book Two of the Codex Chronicles

Life has never been easy for Jace, but things have quickly become more complicated. With a new family and new name, he is returning to the home he had when he was three years old. After learning he is being hunted, he knows his survival requires him to learn to control his newfound powers at an accelerated rate. Feeling like an outsider in what he hoped would be his forever home, Jace desperately tries to figure out where he truly belongs. Jace quickly learns that his impossible witch-werewolf ... [Read More...]

The Ghost Circus: An Onyx Webb Supernatural Thriller

Life for Onyx Webb is complicated, especially because she’s dead. When a traveling circus comes to Crimson Cove, and mysterious deaths occur, Onyx is the number one suspect. And, once the FBI gets involved, her long-time secret may finally be exposed. It’s one thing to stop people from committing crimes, but how do you stop ghosts? Perfect for lovers of t.v. series like Stranger Things, Dexter, and Bates Motel. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Malediction of Llewyn Glass

“You’re only as noble as your choices, Mister Glass.” A frightening fable like no other. On Halloween Eve, at America’s oldest pub, walks in a strange and mesmerizing man who tells an unbelievable story. One of a former priest who sold his soul only to find out he was conned into doing so and his terrifying odyssey of facing gods and monsters from across the world in the hopes he will find salvation. A chilling and impossible tale which keep the bar patrons paralyzed with intrigue and f... [Read More...]

Free: Romanov Witches Origins

Romanov Witches Origins is a dysfunctional, magical family saga of 3 generations of witches. Dima, the Romanovs’ matriarch finds a shapeshifting stone that gives her the magic to live forever. In the first four books she ages from 98 to 140 but shifts into a woman who looks 19. She gives birth to three daughters, Medea who turns into a cat at night, Nikki who can communicate with the dead, and crazy Liliya who gives birth to Astra, who would like to be anything but a witch. Free to $0.99 ... [Read More...]

Wolf Hunt: Risen and Hunted Book 2

Both a witch and a teen are struggling with the effects of werewolf bites. 17-year-old Alan lost almost everything in MOONRISE (Risen and Hunted Book 1), but the witches’ magic has kept him alive and coping with his were-curse. The witches see hope for Alan as they study the magic used in another witch’s taming but then become distracted when another pack of werewolves arrive hunting Alan. Can witchcraft Alan and the other witch from the were-serum before the next full moon? $0.99 on Ki... [Read More...]

Free: Hidden Magic

A cursed witch, four intriguing young men, and a shadow realm hidden within their academy. My name is Willow Oliver, and I’m descended from a bloodline of powerful yet cursed witches. At least, that’s what my mother claims. Most people think she’s crazy. I never put too much thought into it—the whole being a witch thing—I assumed my strange quirks were something everyone else had. Flowers don’t glow when you look at them? When others my age go off to faraway colleges and escape our ... [Read More...]

The Complete 7 Book Potion Commotion Mystery Series

Sam is an earth witch who concocts smoothie potions for whatever ails you. Her friend Tessa is a spicy and ferocious fire witch who owns the local diner. Phineas and his pet rooster Chuckles are regular customers. Join this motley crew as they solve murders and combat evil forces along the way. This is the complete seven book series for the Happy Blendings Witch Cozy Mystery Series including these books: The Potion Commotion A Pumpkin Potion Explosion A Drop in the Potion A Notion of a Potion A... [Read More...]