godless children have no heroes

Her world had been perfect and then it wasn’t. Faced with impending devastation and loss of control, Lex begins to spiral into survival mode, making risky choices bound for consequence, whatever it would take to not lose what was hers, whatever it would take to escape the emptiness of old demons. This life she existed for, who would she be without it? This person she had become, was it just a façade? Was she defined by her secrets? And when confronted by her actions, trapped in a dangerous g... [Read More...]

Free: Days of Ascent

Forty years ago Rory Beaumont’s New Zealand was not an easy place for protests against racism, enjoying home-grown music or finding a place like home. Rory’s journey passes through forgotten history, poetry, romance and there are always more apples to pick. Not a light-weight novel but worth it for the reader prepared to go the extra mile. ... [Read More...]

They Make Movies

These stories blend fiction and history to portray the stimulating but often troubled lives and careers of noted actors, actresses, and directors. Humphrey Bogart, Clark Gable, Chadwick Boseman, Bette Davis, Marilyn Monroe, Halle Berry, Alfred Hitchcock, Clint Eastwood, and Spike Lee are among the stars who face challenges real and imaginary. Lesser known but talented performers Louise Brooks, Anna May Wong, and Jeanne Eagels also enhance They Make Movies. $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Rain City Lights

One part Coming of Age Story. One part Murder Mystery. As they navigate their way through Seattle’s Underground, Monti & Sasha will break and warm your heart! In the summer of 1981, a serial killer preys on black, teenage prostitutes working Seattle’s arterial highways. But the eyes of youth are blind to danger, and Montgomery “Monti” Jackson is distracted by her own problems. She’ll be starting high school soon, and the return of her mother’s boyfriend heightens the tension... [Read More...]

Free: Mutiny In The Dugout

Parents send their kids to the newest craze in Little League baseball: military boot camp on a diamond. The kids have had enough of out-of-control parents, coaches, and abusive drill sergeants. After a typical day of coaches cursing and hitting kids, exploding bases, booing from the stands, and parents fighting in the parking lot, the kids are at their wits’ end. It’s mutiny in the dugout. The kids go on strike, pulling out picket signs to let their parents know they’ve finall... [Read More...]

Escape To Simisu

There is a stunning hidden planet…Simisu. It has always been there, close to Earth but in a different dimension. And now they want to try to help us save Earth. Bernadette has been chosen as their final Seeker, and will be given the last chance to help Earth remember what has been lost. If she fails, Earth and all its creatures will perish shortly in a series of unstoppable events. Bernadette is taken on a journey of discovery to find the Simisu gifts which are needed to save and restore Eart... [Read More...]

The Memory of Music

  The Bestselling Award-Winning Irish historical novel, The Memory of Music One Irish family – 100 turbulent years. 1916: Betty O’Fogarty is proud and clever. Spurred on by her belief in her husband Seamus’s talent as a violin-maker and her desire to escape rural life, they elope to Dublin. She expects life there to fulfil all her dreams. To her horror, she discovers that they can only afford to live in the notorious poverty-stricken tenements. Seamus becomes obsessed with republ... [Read More...]