Baking Baklava: Classic and Inspired Recipes from Around the World

This stunning 100-page, 27 recipe, high quality baking cookbook is a perfect handbook for bakers and baklava lovers alike. The Baking Baklava cookbook pays tribute to baklava, a renowned delicacy treasured in many countries around the world, with simple and easy-to-follow baklava recipes for all skill levels. Also included are over dozen delicious dessert recipes inspired by the flavors and textures of baklava. People are often intimidated by baking, particularly with a delicate dessert like ba... [Read More...]

Free: The Complete Mediterranean Diet Cookbook for Beginners

Thinking about a change of lifestyle? Discover the Mediterranean diet more lifestyle than a diet. Packed with delicious fresh whole foods and healthy fats, it’s the ultimate guide to wellness. With obesity rising fast, along with associated diseases and health issues, there has never been a better time to change your lifestyle for the better… Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

The Ultimate Guide 2023 Traeger Grill & Smoker Cookbook For Beginners: 1000 Days of Irresistible BBQ Recipes for Master the Craft of Grilling, Smoking, and Delight Your Taste Buds

Unlock the Ultimate Guide to Master Your Wood Pellet Grill: Your Gateway to Grilling Mastery! Introducing The Ultimate Guide 2023 Traeger Grill & Smoker Cookbook For Beginner – Your Ultimate Guide to Elevate Outdoor Cooking! Discover diverse recipes, techniques, and tips to unlock your Traeger grill’s full potential and savor the rich, smoky flavors. From classic BBQ to creative international dishes, this cookbook will redefine your backyard culinary experience. Introducing The ... [Read More...]

Simple and Basic Air Fryer Cookbook For Beginners 2023

Discover the endless possibilities of the air fryer with “Simple & Basic Air Fryer Cookbook For Beginners 2023”. This comprehensive guide offers 300+ delicious, easy-to-follow, and budget-friendly recipes that will transform your home cooking experience. This cookbook is your ultimate resource for making the most of your air fryer. Each recipe is designed to bring out the best in your ingredients, delivering mouthwatering results every time. In this book, you will discover: A diverse r... [Read More...]

The Magic of Gluten-Free Cooking

Discover how a healthy, gluten-free diet can transform your health with these easy, scrumptious, home-cooked recipes In this book you’ll discover: 20 easy-to-prepare recipes to enjoy an enhanced and energetic lifestyle Detailed ingredient lists and clear instructions with added suggestions and dairy-free options The gluten-free way to start every day – breakfasts so good, you’ll never say never! How each home-cooked meal is a doorway to better digestive health, mood, and focus: a glu... [Read More...]

The 30-Minute Gluten-free Vegan Cookbook for Beginners: 150 Simple, Delicious, and Nutritious, Plant-based Gluten-free Recipes. Make Them In Under 30 Minutes to Improve Your Health and Lose Weight

Discover the Art of Creating Delicious Plant-Based Meals Using Accessible, Wholesome Ingredients That Will Nourish Your Body From the Inside Out! – Quick and Easy Plant-Based Recipes to Energize Your Body Are you ready to embark on a journey towards vibrant health and delicious plant-based eating? Look no further! You’ve just discovered your ultimate guide to creating mouthwatering, wholesome meals in just half an hour. Uncover a treasure trove of delectable, gluten-free, and vegan reci... [Read More...]

Free: Garden to Table: Recipes for Life

Garden to Table – Recipes for Life provides plenty of recipes for produce from the garden during seasonal bounties. P.C. Zick has learned over the years how to handle and use the vegetables and fruits her husband grows in his fertile garden. With each season, she discovers new methods for efficiently cooking tasty meals. She’s also found ways to preserve the produce in a way that is sustainable. This little cookbook will help you discover some tricks and shortcuts while still making... [Read More...]