Are Billions in Hell Who Have Never Heard the Gospel?

• Is God at war with Satan? If so, who is winning? • Is Satan’s “good news” more appealing than God’s? • Has Hell been the Church’s main selling point to get people into Heaven? • If Christians have God’s truth, why are they so divided as to what His truth is? • What if God plans to offer salvation to the billions who have never heard the gospel? $0.99 on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Into Africa: A Biographical Story

This is a gripping and inspiring story of the greatest evangelist in Africa, Dr. Egon Falk, also known as Africa’s Billy Graham. The book is testimony to his great love for the African people, his passion for serving God, and helping African people out of poverty, darkness, suffering, and pain. This easy-to-read biography tells his story, including the humble beginnings as the son of a fisherman, his calling to Africa, the start of gospel crusades, amazing stories of signs, wonders, and mirac... [Read More...]