Free: Rev’s Odyssey

An epic action adventure, Rev’s Odyssey follows the journey of a brave young girl raised in an undersea city. When a ruthless invader pollutes her world, Rev travels to a strange planet hoping to rescue her missing mother and find the solution to save her own world from extinction. In doing so she risks never returning to her own planet. With Razor, the evil attacker, hot on her heels Rev must be braver and smarter than ever before to ensure her survival. ... [Read More...]

Free: Beauty and the Beast

You and your children will love this rendition of Beauty and the Beast with beautiful illustrations for coloring in. This soft rhyming book written by a British author makes for the perfect bedtime story. Follow the story as Belle rescues her father and uncovers the mystery of the forgotten castle. This fairy tale is sure to delight and reignite nostalgia. Keep an eye out for the Audiobook coming soon! Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]

Free: Cameron You’re a Big Mouse Now

A heart-warming story about a sassy little mouse who wants to do things without their adults. “My Cameron, look at you. You sweet little mouse. You have brought nothing but joy to my heart and this house. But now you’re seven and have grown as tall as can be. Yes Cameron, my love, you’re a big mouse now you see.” A tale as old as time, for early readers and those a bit older, all about not growing up too soon! Join Cameron on their little birthday-adventure as they try t... [Read More...]

Free: Parrot Adventures: A Day At The Races

When a spunky parrot visits the dog track, he isn’t expecting his friend to win- or to discover a rival bird inside the trophy! Can he put the intruder in his place? Being part of the winning team is wonderful- but who is the cheeky parrot who is trying to muscle in on the action? This simple, humorous story teaches children about unlikely friendships, dealing with jealousy, and comes with a colouring book download. Free on Kindle. ... [Read More...]