Whisper County: Secrets of Souls River, Book 1

In the heart of Souls River, the quaint town is shaken to its core when a blood-spattered farm becomes the stage for a chilling mystery. All eyes turn to Gus Olson, a hardworking man with a reputation tarnished by the disappearance of the captivating waitress, Annabelle. The tight-knit community unite in their conviction of Gus as a ruthless killer. Faced with countless dead ends and a suspicious town, the defense attorney embarks on a relentless quest to unearth the truth and prove Gus’s innocence. The prosecuting attorney remains resolute, armed with what he believes is enough incriminating evidence to secure a conviction. Circumstantial threads weave a complex tapestry, leaving the defense attorney standing at the precipice of the courtroom. Will Gus succumb to the weight of his accusations, or will prevailing faith guide him through the shadows of doubt? In this thriller, faith and justice collide as the battle for truth unfolds in unexpected places. The wounded soul of Souls River hangs in the balance. $0.99 on Kindle.
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