In A New York Minute

In A New York Minute

Dive into “In A New York Minute” a gripping tale of ingenuity, duty, and the unwavering human spirit. This electrifying novel by Robert Aliano takes readers on the open road with Dennis Nicoli, a lone motorcyclist who unwittingly embarks on a journey far more treacherous than his tranquil ride through the Blue Ridge Mountains could ever imply.

A seemingly ordinary refuel at a backroad relic hub abruptly shifts gears when Nicoli is entangled in a clandestine plot that threatens to shatter the very heartbeat of New York City. As the plot unfolds, Nicoli finds himself inexplicably linked to a complex network spread deeper and wider than the roots of the Appalachian forests he loves.

Robert Aliano masterfully weaves a narrative that rumbles with the roars of black ops helicopters and stealthy motorcycles against the soft silhouette of the Smokies. “In A New York Minute” is an intricate blend of shadowy adversaries, cryptic alliances, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Nicoli must navigate his way through high-stakes espionage while grappling with the bonds of friendship and the fracturing safety of the revelations that ensnare him.

The days are ticking, and as Christmas Eve looms ever closer, Nicoli’s race against time becomes a desperate bid to shield the pulsing streets of Manhattan from an unseen threat, risking life and legacy to thwart a catastrophe that could grip the nation.

This is a story of carving through the veil of secrecy in a city that never sleeps, where every decision has the power to echo for eternity in a New York minute. $7.99 on Kindle.
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