Free: Minestrone Mischief: A Culinary Cozy

When a Halloween stalker shows up on Mischief Night, amateur sleuth and mystery writer Victoria Rienzi encounters lots of tricks, no treats–and one murder!

It’s the post-summer season in Oceanside Park and Vic’s hometown is preparing for one last blast on the boardwalk—its annual Mischief Night parade, held the evening before Halloween. But Victoria’s excitement is dimmed by the presence of her stalker, Edward Millman, who shows up at the parade dressed as Victoria’s book sleuth, Bernardo Vitali. And in a scene straight out of the author’s latest book, Millman is found with a knife sticking from his chest, along with a nasty note: “You deserved this.”

As Vic digs into the details of the victim’s life, she wonders: Is it life imitating art? Or is there a more deadly form of mischief at work this Halloween?

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