Midnight to December

Midnight to December

He has a primal urge to protect her
…Only she isn’t his to protect.

Raina Georgia Blake, aka “Reggie,” is not about to dwell on the tragedies of her past. After losing half her family in a car accident at three years old, she has become a master of control. She has Joey, the dimples and charm high school sweetheart she’ll probably marry. She has her business, and it’s booming. All is right in her carefully curated world.

Until Reggie finds an undeniable chemistry with another man, the mysterious “X.” He’s forbidden fruit, and Reggie’s shame in her attraction means this Army combat vet’s identity can’t be revealed–yet. He’s inaccessible, and has a damning way of calling her bluff on her couldn’t-care-less front.

A relationship with X is off the table due to the pain it would cause those around her. Caught in a love triangle nightmare, Reggie must figure out why X has such a captivating spell on her. And how to shake it off.

when healing feels too big,
and love proves to be misplaced
if only we could skip ahead,
skip the growing pains of change

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