How To Irritate a Telemarketer

HOW TO IRRITATE A TELEMARKETERHave you ever had the experience of having the most perfect date interrupted by some bone head trying to raise money for a bogus charity? Do you feel like that most of the unscrupulous telemarketing firms lack common sense when they choose to call you during the final playoff game? Wouldn’t you like to call up a telemarketer who just woke you up on their personal home phone line and give them a wake-up call that they’ll never forget? Can you imagine learning some new innovative and out of the box strategies in irritating telemarketers? I’m guessing that you have probably said yes to one or all of the above or you would not have made it this far. Prepare to get blown away by a veteran telemarketer who will reveal in this book shocking, humiliating and downright dirty ways on HOW TO IRRITATE A TELEMARKETER! $2.99 on Kindle.
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