Dread: Masonry Ink

Dread: Masonry Ink

Never trust anyone.
They all betray you in the end.

Jerome Red
They call me Dread, but whats in a name? Dont mess with me, and I wont fuck with you. Simple. Im an ex-con and a drifter. My victim wants to punish me, keep me running for the rest of my life, but her time is nearly up. This is just supposed to be another small town to kick around in until my debt to society is paid. Masonry Ink may be a reason to stick around if I survive.

Michelle Tremont

I made a mistake three years ago, and I am still paying the price for it. My parents threw me away. Im alone and frightened, living a life that is one big disappointment after another. Until the day my new housemate blows into town. Tattooed and crass, he should scare the pants off me. Perhaps thats what he had in mind all along. Im ready to reclaim my life again. Fear wont stop me. The days of playing victim are over.
One hardened man looking for redemption.
A broken girl searching for safety.
An unlikely alliance forged in stone $1.99 on Kindle.
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