Inspirations from Abroad for a Happier Life at Home

Inspirations from Abroad for a Happier Life at Home: 9 Countries, 3 Continents, and what I Learned about Living a more Joyful, Balanced, and Fulfilling Life

Transform your Personal Life for the Positive
With Powerful Inspirations from around the World

Do you often feel overwhelmed by the negative and sad headlines from around the world? Do you sometimes struggle to see purpose and meaning in your life? Do you need a positive boost but dont know where to start?

Judiths personal journey to nine countries on three continents that she once called home explores techniques for creating healthy mindsets, nurturing relationships, making time for self-care, and finding a higher purpose in life.

Pointing out beautiful lessons that countries across the planet can teach us, this book provides a unique intercultural toolbox for an inspiring journey to personal growth and a joyful and fulfilling everyday life! $0.99 on Kindle.
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