Puppet Master: A Marceau Mystery

Puppet Master: A Marceau Mystery

The only constant is change.

Recently retired, Maurice Marceau hardly has a chance to rest. Not that he wants to. Madeleine, his daughter, a West Point graduate, now an attorney, could use his help, and her request is much too tempting.

Betrayal, a kidnapping, and a terrorist attack are just the beginning. This father-daughter duo will need to learn to work together. In doing so, they travel from Central Pennsylvania to New York, DC, Paris, Shanghai and throughout Turkey.

Their goal? Find the link and find the solution.

At the root of all the trouble they face is one countrys need for regional and global dominance. The world has not been at peace for more than a thousand years, not since the time of the Pax Romana. With a long-term view and the patience to see it through, the new player on the world stage has begun the work needed to establish the new world order, with a distinct new spin.

In peace there is prosperity. But huge profits can be made from chaos. Capitalizing on the crisis it created is that powers ultimate goal. The world is a cauldron. China is stirring the pot.

Hopefully Maurice and Madeleine, can help figure out the how and why before those pulling all the strings succeed. $0.99 on Kindle.
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