Free: A Vengeful Realm: The Scales of Balance

The Scales of Balance

Enslaved as a gladiator and thrust into a princes game of espionage, Zephyrus has only two clues to help unlock his shattered past: a prophecy foretelling destruction, and a letter to the enemy king, promising peace. Now Zephyrus must survive the dangers of the gladiatorial arena, the cunning fury of the Princes enemies, and the Gods torment if he is to find the truth of his identity and fulfill his fate. But to have any hope of breaking the cycle, first he must secure his freedom and not just from his slavers.

Within this vengeful realm, a queen protecting her kingdom, a prince defending his father, and a gladiator slave haunted by a prophecy each contend for their own brand of freedom. But the Gods have an agenda of their own, and they’ll use any vessel patrician, plebeian, or slave to see it done.

The scales must be balanced. By peace. Or by blood. Free on Kindle.
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