Free: Manufactured Education: Leveraging College to Accelerate Your Career Without Selling Your Soul

Manufactured Education: Leveraging College to Accelerate Your Career Without Selling Your Soul
Can college provide the social and economic mobility that many Americans are seeking?

Unfortunately, the process of extracting the value of college is not apparent! Marketing portrays college as an answer to accelerated personal and career growth, but it is unclear exactly how college can achieve these results. Student loan debt is at an all-time high, and many graduates feel like their degrees are worthless.

Dr. W is a two-time recovering underachiever, serial entrepreneur, technophile, and professional troublemaker. Using her business expertise and student and teaching experience, she demystifies the collegiate processes by closing the information gap. She provides actionable steps to help students maximize their college experiences, find internships, and become indispensable employees. As a highly sought-after coach, consultant, and speaker, she frequently shares her proven strategies and tactics with people all over the world.

In this book, Dr. W explains why going to college is crucial yet improperly leveraged and offers a robust framework to help students and their families intentionally navigate institutions, develop personally, and accelerate career growth with curiosity and grace. This book fills an essential gap in the literature on college admissions, career growth, and networking. Whether you’re facing challenges about going to college or simply trying to help someone else navigate the process, this book will help remove the confusion and maximize the college experience.

In the past, obtaining a degree was enough to get a job. However, it is fair to say that the era of just having a degree and being guaranteed a job is over. In the Manufactured Education plan, Dr. Cimone Wright-Hamor reveals essential resources and principles to help leverage the benefits of college.

These resources and principles will help map a custom college plan to accelerate career and personal growth in record time. Whether you are a parent trying to guide a child or Free on Kindle.
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