How Building the Future Really Works

How Building the Future Really Works: From Information Technologies and Space Technologies to Power Production and Electromobility—What Society Needs to Take the Next Leap Forward

In the realm of business and technology development, there exist fundamental principles similar to the laws of physics.

These principles have never been compiled into a single, accessible volume—until now. This book serves as a comprehensive guide, distilling these essential laws sparing you the laborious task of piecing together this intricate puzzle over a lifetime. Within these pages, you will embark on a journey toward a profound comprehension of how individuals, companies, and nations must engage in the process of shaping the future.

The first step on this path requires a humble acknowledgment: we do not possess a blueprint for building the future. Yet, with this acknowledgment, we are poised to embark on the critical journey of creation.

This book serves as your beacon of insight, illuminating the path toward a future that we have the power to build. It beckons us to recognize our limitations, and from that foundation, to start the journey of innovation, entrepreneurship, and societal progress. $0.99 on Kindle.
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