Free: Black Dog

The war is over, and the vampires lost.

The vampiric miasma that for thousands of years prevented ordinary people from noticing supernatural phenomena has faded, leaving the world aware of the monsters in their midst – because vampires may be gone, but plenty of other monsters remain.

The black dogs of Dimilioc go to great lengths to control their darker impulses, maintain order, and protect the people they love. Their best asset in this struggle are their Pure kin, whose magic resists demonic influence and calms black dog violence. But after their Pyrrhic victory over the vampires, Dimilioc may not have the strength to maintain itself, much less face further challenges.

With the world they knew in ashes and enemies snapping at their heels, three siblings, one Pure, one black dog, and one human, seek refuge with Dimilioc – and lead their own terrifying adversaries straight to Dimilioc’s doorstep.

Unless Natividad, Alejandro, and Miguel can find the courage and skill to win the allies they need and face their enemies, not only they, but Dimilioc itself, may be pulled down at last. And even if they succeed, that will be only the beginning …

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