The 2-Week Vacation Test

The 2-Week Vacation Test
What would happen if you took a 2-week no-strings-attached vacation away from your business right now?
Would it pretty much stop without you? Struggle, and ultimately slow down? Or would it still run, grow, and THRIVE without you?

If the answer frightens you, ‘The 2-Week Vacation Test’ is your wake-up call and your blueprint to freedom.

For 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs stuck in the chaos of day-to-day operations, the idea of taking a vacation might seem like a distant dream or a recipe for disaster. But what if it was the key to unlock your business’ full potential?

‘The 2-Week Vacation Test’ provides a unique and an innovative roadmap to escape the day-to-day, improve your team and operations in a hurry, and start building a much healthier business while ALSO living your dream life.

This book empowers you with time-tested systems and strategies to take back control of your time and build a wildly successful business. It’s about shifting from operator stuck “in” the business to a true CEO role through a series of micro-steps to help you break the addiction to the busyness of business.

The ‘2-Week Vacation Test’ is more than a theoretical experiment. It’s a real, practical guide to stimulate growth, enhance your team, and optimize operations so that you can scale — without the chaos.

Take back control of your time… and create the life and business you know is possible. This book will help! $0.99 on Kindle.
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